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Welcome. The purpose and objective of this website is to publish news and information regarding the AXJ ® GLOBAL NEWS NETWORK for our more than 500,000 members of the International Civil and Political Rights Organization known as Actions for Justice ( AXJ ).

AXJ NEWS can best be understood by its mission statement. We are a private independent and interactive news service dedicated to providing our readers the most up to date news and best journalism, seeking truth and justice while revitalizing the role of the free press as a guardian of freedom of speech. We remain faithful to the traditional ideal that the central role of a free press in a free society is the only way to eliminate corruption and abuse of power. We strive to create free and open debate about current events and news in order to promote freedom and self-government by demanding personal virtue and good character of politicians around the world.

We are a truly independent and interactive web news site committed to investigative reporting of current events and news. We were founded by independent reporters and journalists and are slowly becoming a leading Internet news site in both traffic and influence, especially via our interactive news feeds and forums. We have been covering some of the most notable investigative and enterprising stories in recent years.

We have developed our own unique aggressive news style and have captured a large and growing audience on the Internet around the world. We rank among the top of the news websites in number of page views per user and minutes per page. Our editorial policy reflects the idea that the most important role of the free press in a free society, is to serve as a watchdog of government and other organizations and corporations insuring civil and political rights are respected while exposing corruption, fraud, waste and abuse wherever and whenever it occurs.

Why are we the fastest growing news service on the Internet? Because our readers are also our reporters and journalists and their stories and comments are published around the world in real time 24/7/365. Just email your press releases to: and we will review and publish them. If you are an Investor/Charity and interested in participating in AXJ NEWS please contact us on: 1 (818) 206-1491 or by Fax: 1 (818) 688-3156 or by Email:

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