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Homeowners across the USA are organizing and filing Qui Tam Class Actions on behalf of the US Government against banks, lenders and servicers in Federal Courts. The idea as working as Injunctions against all foreclosures have been granted in States such as Florida. This puts an automatic stay on any and all foreclosures in the State while the banks and servicers must prove to the Court that they did in fact own the promissory note ( the debt ) and the deed of trust ( mortgage ) at the moment of filing the Notice of Default ( NOD ). If not then it is considered to be a wrongful and unlawful foreclosure and therefore null and void ab initio.

Written by Eric Mesi, updated May 18, 2015

This is the story of foreclosure fraud, and the overlying fraud that sits on fraud.

We have all heard of about liar loans. After inspecting the elements of these loans they are in reality only a credit card unsecured debt and nothing more.

Just study the term on what makes a mortgage and you will note there is no chain of title and no lien on the property, just a fake deed of trust.

Therefore you have choices, either file a bankruptcy as unsecured debt, and then go to the next court file for quiet title stating that the deed of trust is mute and meaningless based on findings in Bankruptcy federal court. With this said it now leaves the door open for lying attorneys to state they represent all the entities involved such as the banks, Reconveyance Companies, Trustees, and Beneficiaries.

If this is the case, you can also file a RICO Racketeering case against them. This is how the fraud overlies layers and layers of fraud. In fact, there are advertised jobs asking for people to work from home and search for people who owe on their mortgages and pay $80.00 per hour.

Once searched they email the information to these lying attorneys who swoop in steal homes. A case in point is CSC, that stands for Corporation Service Company, this company is one of the largest one stop shops for lying attorneys. They offer their own Registered Agent Services, as well as Document fabrication services. CSC also works as registered agents for all the reconveyance companies and most banks. These attorneys order their services and when a homeowner sues, all the documents go to these same lying attorneys.

Law Firms are not only shareholders in Reconveyance companies, but founders and creators to steal homes.

Bank servicers never foreclose, for one they can't. Second of all, why bite the hand that feeds them? They are paid monthly until a lying attorney takes the home. These attorneys order them when a homeowner sues all documents go to these lying attorneys.

With that said above, lets go back to 1997. Brooksley E. Born was appointed to the CFTC on April 1994 by President Bill Clinton. Miss Born tried fearlessly to warn Allan Greenspan and the board you cannot use derivatives for mortgages. Bank servicers never foreclose, for one they can't second of all why bite the hand that feeds them they are paid monthly till a lying attorney takes the home. Who the banks were after was the back-end investors. Alan Greenspan's Ideology was wrong. Alan Greenspan thought Banks would never steal from their own investors. Banks were never after the homeowners but solely the big pockets of investors. When these derivatives were created out of air companies like Lehman Brothers knew they were selling nothing. Credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations is also known as a vehicle to steal from the government and our tax dollars. A form of collateralized debt obligation (CDO) that invests in credit default swaps (CDSs) or other non-cash assets to gain exposure to a portfolio of fixed income assets. Synthetic CDOs are typically divided into credit tranches based on the level of credit risk assumed. Initial investments into the CDO are made by the lower tranches, while the senior tranches may not have to make an initial investment. All tranches will receive periodic payments based on the cash flows from the credit default swaps. If a credit event occurs in the fixed income portfolio, the synthetic CDO and its investors become responsible for the losses, starting from the lowest rated tranches and working its way up. Credit Default Swaps are backed by insurance companies such as AIG and a few others. Who backs these insurance companies is our government, out of tax dollars not only pay stimulus monies but pay for each insurance claim. Therefore; this means our homes were paid by our tax dollars. This brings to light what is called a Liars loan. A category of mortgages known as low-documentation or no-documentation mortgages that have been abused to the point where the loans are sometimes referred to as liar loans. On certain low- documentation loan programs, such as stated income/stated asset (SISA) loans, income and assets are simply stated on the loan application. On other loan programs, such as no income/no asset (NINA) loans, no income and assets are given on the loan application form. These loan programs open the door for unethical behavior by unscrupulous borrowers and lenders. When you have a liars loan it is not a valid lien against your property. With this said do not admit to having a mortgage because it is not a valid mortgage. IRS 860 rule for transferring into derivatives after escrow closes when purchasing a home. Deficiency dividends. Deficiency dividends must be distributed no later than 90 days after the determination date (defined below) and prior to filing Form 976. The deficiency dividend must be of such a nature as would have permitted its inclusion in the computation of the deduction for dividends paid under section 561 for the tax year for which the tax liability exists, if it had been distributed during that year. If not transferred within 90 days after the determination date your note is in tax evasion and not enforceable.

HAMP modifications when in tax evasion. With a liars loan in Tax evasion a HAMP modification cannot occur because the government has to see all documentation to buy down your loan. Sense no documents have been done properly this cannot occur. A Bank servicer may say you have qualified, go taking your payments for 8 months then state you failed to qualify followed by foreclosure. In the interim of this foreclosure, a servicer cannot foreclose because they are not the § 3-301. PERSON ENTITLED TO ENFORCE THE INSTRUMENT. "Person entitled to enforce" an instrument means (i) the holder of the instrument, (ii) a nonholder in possession of the instrument who has the rights of a holder, or (iii) a person not in possession of the instrument who is entitled to enforce the instrument pursuant to Section 3-309 or 3-418(d). A person may be a person entitled to enforce the instrument even though the person is not the owner of the instrument or is in wrongful possession of the instrument. This all leads to lying attorneys either through the Reconveyance companies or researching possible homes they can steal claiming to represent Banks. Most of these attorneys are creators, founders and shareholders of their own Reconveyance companies. Examples are Malcolm & Cisneros, Butler & Hosch for RTS Pacific, Malcolm & Cisneros for California Reconveyance, Cal-Western now owned by RTS pacific and Tiffany & Bosco for National Default Servicing Reconveyance Company. These companies were all created by attorneys so they can steal homes. These law firms have became so rich from stealing homes they have grown into several states. The RICO Racketeering 1970 ACT. Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. With lying attorneys stated above this leads to a homeowners claim for RICO. This fraud is no different than Sammy Gravano in which the RICO Racketeering ACT was first created for in 1970. This is intent to defraud homeowners for huge profit gains. Bar Rules 1.7 and 1.8 state this is conflict of interest and these rules are in the attorney rule book in every state. So never admit to a mortgage and sue the right parties. Do not waste the time with Bank Servicers because you know the truth.

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